There is no denying that your home theatre furniture can enhance or detract from your overall experience of watching movies in the comfort of your private space. In fact, many homeowners invest time, effort and dollars into choosing the right furniture for their home theatre rooms. If you’re looking to buy home theatre furniture or place it perfectly, here are some useful tips.

The Basics: Size

The golden rule is not to cramp a modest-sized theatre room with a big lounger, sofa or recliner. Allow enough private space and ensure that the furniture size does not hinder people from moving around comfortably. Also keep in mind that the sound interference in the room is directly proportional to the size of the furniture. So peruse the dimensions of your home theatre furniture carefully to make an informed decision.

Don’t Discount Comfort

If you plan to watch movies with your significant other, a home theater sectional or sofa would be a more convenient option. Individual loungers may not allow you the romantic moments you want or give you the opportunity to get cozy with your loved one very comfortably. On the other hand, if you plan to hold movie screening weekends for the entire family or have a few friends over, you may want to consider personal home theatre loungers. If your kids will be joining you, explore furniture appropriate to their size for maximum comfort.

Place Them Right

For an optimal audio experience, you can place furniture strategically in your home theatre room. If you can, avoid placing your theater sofa and recliners along the back wall of your room or right in the middle of it. This is because bass frequencies build up in the walls and fade away in the middle. Sound system and screen size are other key factors that affect the audio experience; consider these along with your furniture to arrive at the right decision.

Additional features

While home theatre furniture with arm rests and cup-holders are popular among homeowners, power recliners are also sought-after among those desiring a true lounging experience. There are many options in home theatre furniture design – you can choose the color, patterns or logos based on your personal preferences. To create the ambience of an authentic movie theatre, you can also consider adding features like a concession stand or a popcorn machine.

To keep sound waves from reflecting off hard surfaces in your home theatre room, you can buy soft furniture with absorptive material. This is one way of ‘sound deadening’ your room. Of course, acoustic panels can do this job well, and you can supplement them with soft furniture and drapes to control the echoing high and mid-range frequencies.

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