Home theater recliners are designed for comfort, elegance and convenience. Inspired by the rows of movie theater seating, but with a much higher level of individual comfort, home theater recliners deliver on all aspects of quality, style and design for a truly exceptional home theater experience.

It’s All About Comfort

Home theater recliners are all about comfort and functionality. Unlike many of their inferior cinema counterparts, these seating options recline farther, making your viewing experience much more comfortable. Most home theater recliners feature:

  • A deep seat for sink-in comfort
  • A high back
  • Extra-deep cushioning
  • Smooth-operating reclining mechanisms
  • Double armrests

Many models will allow you to recline in a nearly horizontal position, if you so wish, giving you the ultimate in control with respect to your personal home theater viewing comfort.

Accessories Offer Something for Everyone

Home theater recliners are available with a multitude of accessories to fit any budget. Some of the more popular accessories include:

  • Bass-shaker or “buttkicker” – This is an available accessory in many home theater recliners that works in conjunction with your home theater sound system’s subwoofer. It vibrates the seating area, allowing you to feel low, deep bass sounds. It adds a physical dimension to your home theater experience.
  • Articulating power headrests – This uniquely designed headrest cradles your head at the perfect viewing angle, preventing the stress and strain on your neck and shoulders that is common with traditional seating in a movie theater.
  • Heat and massage – Many home theater recliners have a heat and massage option, making them the perfect place to relax after a long day.
  • Lighted cup holders – Just a touch of lighting ensures your beverage is always properly placed.
  • Row lighting – Depending on your selection of seats, you may find row lighting is an accessory that appeals to you. This is similar to the floor lighting you might see in a movie theater to make it easier to find your seat when the lights are dimmed.

Beautiful Coverings to Match Any Décor

Home theater recliners are available in a variety of coverings ranging from leather to microfiber to fabric. Each one has its own advantages and inherent beauty. Depending on your budget, you may find bonded leather is the perfect choice for your family, or perhaps you want the ultimate grade in leather covering. It is quite easy to find the perfect color, texture and style to compliment your home theater’s décor and provide years of style and beauty.

Many Seating Options Available

Home theater recliners are available in many seating designs, such as a single seat or rows of combined seats of two, three, four or more. They can feature a curved or straight line arrangement. The benefit of rows of home theater recliners is that you can fit more people in your home theater than with traditional sofas or loveseats.

The Perfect Answer for Comfort and Style in Your Home Theater

Home theater recliners are the perfect answer to your seating needs. You will appreciate the choices available in accessories and design, but it is the high level of comfort, while viewing your favorite movie or program, that truly makes this type of furniture a must for today’s home theaters.