Guide to Home Theater Furniture

Once you’ve chosen the audio and video equipment for your home theater, the home theater seating and type of furniture you choose are the most important. There are many things to consider, as you need to make sure your home theater furniture is comfortable, that everyone can see the screen, and that sound carries well to each seat. This guide to home cinema furniture will help you decide which type of furniture to choose for your space, as well as how to place it.

Seating Placement

You have many options for how you place the furniture in your home theater. You can have theater-style seating, with rows of stacked seats pointed towards a large screen. Keeping it more casual, couches and recliners can be set up either in a semi-circle closely together, against the walls pointed towards either a large screen along the wall, or even raised slightly to allow for better viewing. Of course make sure that you distribute tables throughout to hold snacks; and furniture with built-in cup holders and speakers also make for more enjoyable viewing experiences.

Choosing Fabric

More important than how you place your furniture, is the type of furniture and fabric you choose. Remember hard surfaces such as wood, marble and tile aren’t appropriate for home theaters, as they can interfere with the sound. Instead choose fabrics that are plush and soft such as leather, soft suede, or microfiber furniture that is well padded and has lots of cushions. Not only will this help enhance the sound, it will make those watching the screen much more comfortable.

Seating Add-Ons

In addition to just the placement of the speakers and furniture in your home theater, also consider add-ons that you might want to include in the room. Mini kitchens or wet bars in the back can be nice, or small refrigerators placed throughout. Today you can even find furniture such as ottomans that open up to small coolers that are ideal for storing drinks and snacks during a movie marathon. You’ll also want to consider different ideas for media storage that will keep your DVDs and Blu-Rays tidy and secure, and won’t create a clutter that will detract from your beautiful space.

When it comes to your home theater, your own preference for what kind of furniture you like best and where you want it placed will be the main deciding factor in your ultimate decision. If you’re still unsure of what you’d like, do a quick online search for pictures of home theaters. You’ll see plenty of different styles and set ups, and the ones you like the best will quickly become clear.

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