Are you planning your first home theater room in your home? Before you continue with purchasing the items, it is important to make a few considerations. Find an arrangement that is most suitable for your room and then proceed to designing the home theater system. Everything from the placement of the screen and furniture to the colors and overall theme of the home theater room are based on these following considerations.

Consider the Acoustics of the Room

One of the most important considerations when designing a home theater system is the acoustics of the room. While it may not seem important at first, acoustics directly influence the movie experience. Ensure that your room has minimal number of mirrors and windows to reduce echo and audio bounce. If not, you can consider padding the room with more absorbent materials that improve the sound experience in your home theater room.

Opt for upholstered furniture, carpeting, rugs, and window treatments to minimize sound reflection and enhance the acoustics of your room.

Design the Interiors In Terms Of Color

While home theater rooms are excellent opportunities to show off your eccentric taste in design, it may not always be as effective.

  • By using eccentric color schemes or patterns, you are only distracting the viewer. You can still keep your home theater classy by opting for sophisticated designs in darker colors.
  • Choose colors like black, gray, and brown to maintain a neutral and comforting tone.

Follow Feng Shui!

Once you have decided the larger picture, you can move to the details. Start with items that you do not want in the theater.

  • Items like telephones and other appliances can draw the attention away from the theater part. Also ensure that wires and other unnecessary equipment are suitably hidden by cabinets.
  • To minimize distractions, find a room that is isolated like a basement or a separate block. It is also important to keep the entrance in the rear of the home theater room.

All aspects of the home theater room should ideally complement each other. Remember, the key point of a home theater system is to enhance the viewing experience and not distract the viewers.