Basic Components of a Home Theater System

In simple terms, a home theater system can be defined as an arrangement of audio visual electronics that provide an enhanced movie watching experience at home. For people who don’t like waiting in lines or watching movies in noisy and crowded environments, a home theater is a great option. You can setup the same arrangement in your own home and enjoy a theater-like experience.

A home theater can be divided into two components – crisp sound and clear visuals.

Components of a home theater

To accommodate the crisp visuals and audio, a home theater system comprises of a number of electronic equipment that operate in unison. Even the most basic setups of home theaters include these components:

Apart from basic equipment, you can choose to purchase more accessories to make the viewing experience even better. As long as you have the budget for it, there are no limits to improving the theater going experience in your home. However, this is limited by only one factor – the location of the home theater room.

Where should you setup the home theater?

One of the best places to setup your home theater system is the basement, where the acoustics are just right and the room is without distractions. Additionally, the lower placement of the basement minimizes interference from outside light and provides insulation of the walls and the ceiling. This helps remove any distracting noises and sounds coming from other parts of your home.

You should also consider the size of your basement. Depending on how much space you have, you can include the right equipment, screen size, projector type, and furniture. If you have about 6-10 feet of free space, it is best to opt for TVs no larger than 31”. For basements with space of about 8-12 feet between the couch and TV, you can opt for 32” to 40” screens and with a space of 10 feet and higher, you can choose TV screens larger than 40”.

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