In-Wall Speakers



Home theater in-wall speakers offer quite an alternative to floor-standing speakers. Just a decade or so ago, home theater speakers were big, bulky and took up a lot of floor space. Today, however, in-wall speakers will give you the exceptional audio experience you crave in a clean, elegant look.

In-Wall Speakers Versus Floor-Standing Speakers

Because everyone has their own preference when it comes to how they appreciate sound and music, it is up to you to determine which type of speaker is best for your home cinema. In-wall speakers offer:

  • Comparable sound to many floor-standing speakers
  • An elegant, clean look
  • Easier to maintain and clean than floor-standing speakers
  • More floor space in your home theater
  • Some models of speakers are even THX certified to provide movie theater sound quality

By contrast, floor-standing speakers offer:

  • More middle and low range sound
  • Equal high range sound
  • Beautiful cabinetry options

In order to increase the low range sound of an in-wall speaker, consider using an enclosure. This would be similar to a cabinet for a floor-standing speaker. If this is not possible with your current home theater setup, then adding a subwoofer will allow you to hear the low bass sounds. Your home audio experience would be more balanced this way, with high sensitivity and deep, satisfying bass.

Speaker Sizes

In-wall speakers may also be used in the ceiling of your home theater. Many audio experts recommend a 6 1/2-inch speaker if you have a powered subwoofer in your theater room. Some people find an 8-inch speaker provides more of the lower frequency sounds. There are many other size options available, as well. It is really a matter of personal preference for the final type of sound you want from your speakers.

Other Speaker Options

One of the reasons people choose in-wall speakers for their home is because of their unobtrusive appearance. There are many of these speakers available today with paintable grills, flanges and endcaps. This feature allows the speaker to be virtually unnoticeable. The sound simply resonates throughout your home cinema, without large bulky speakers taking up room.

Many of the newer in-wall speakers offer high performance tweeters, which deliver clear, crisp, high frequency sound. Some also have settings to allow for wall-to-wall distance adjustments for the best possible audio experience in your home theater room.

An Elegant Look and Excellent Audio

If you want to save some floor space in your home theater, in-wall speakers are a great choice. Not only will the clean look of these speakers impress you, the uniform sound quality provided by these speakers will make you feel like a part of the action.