If you cannot possibly compromise with the sound quality and movie watching experience in your home theatre room, you will certainly want to invest in the right speaker system. A sound system can be a deal maker or breaker; it decides how well audio nuances are communicated to viewers and creates the effect of a theatre within the confines of your home. To make an informed choice, you will first need to be aware of how each speaker works in a larger surround sound system. Here are the basics:

Center Channel Speaker

The center channel speaker is responsible for almost all of the movie’s dialogue and over half of its soundtrack. Understandably, you may not want to compromise on the quality of your center channel speaker, so choose with care. For a flat panel display, you may want to consider an in-wall or wall-mountable channel speaker.

Surround Speakers

Surround speakers are responsible for ambient sounds like rustling leaves in the wind and rain drops. They also communicate directional effects such as flying bullets and zooming cars. A single pair of surround speakers is the most common set-up, though many homeowners are also opting for additional speakers as back surrounds, and placing them strategically around their home theater rooms.

Front Left and Right Speakers

The front speakers are responsible for a majority of the sound effects besides doing the critical job of reproducing the movie’s musical score. The sound moves in sync with the images between the left and right speakers. You can consider satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers, in-wall speakers or floor-standing speakers for good sound reproduction and impact.

Powered Subwoofer

Fore a more life-like audio effect, movies, television shows and video games use LFE or low-frequency effects. A powered subwoofer reproduces this deep bass sound and greatly enhances the audio experience. In fact, a subwoofer is a good addition to move the listening experience a few notches higher, and works well for all types and genres of music. The addition of a second subwoofer can provide uniform coverage.

Should you Choose All the Speakers from the Same Brand?

It is not necessary that you buy surround and center speakers from the same series of one brand. It will not have any effect on the quality, transition or uniformity of the sound as it travels from one speaker to another. It is perfectly fine to mix and match stereo speakers from different brands. Factors like space, placement, expected audio quality and price will also dictate how you choose speakers; so, there is no one way to go about it.
There are quite a few options in speakers – explore as many as you can to get you dollars’ worth of a top-notch listening experience.