Home theater sofas provide comfortable and spacious seating options, while adding style and elegance to your home cinema.  Much more than just “couches,” these sofas are specifically designed to provide comfort from head-to-toe as you enjoy your favorite programming or movie event. Available with a variety of accessory and design options, home cinema sofas can easily become the focal point of your home theater.

Designed for Luxury and Comfort

There are a number of options for your home theater sofa that will directly affect your comfort level. Depending on your budget, you may be interested in one or more of the following:

  • Two- or three-seats
  • Dual recliners at each end or all-seat recliners
  • Extra-deep cushioning for comfort
  • Movable arm rests
  • Split back cushions

Theater sofas are built to last, from high quality frames, to excellent padding and strong, long-lasting hardware. All of these integral parts fit together perfectly to provide a superior seating choice for your home cinema.

Available Options and Accessories

Home theater sofas have several accessories and options available to enhance your home theater experience. Some models include many of these accessories as standard, while others may list them as optional. These accessories or options may include:

  • Power reclining seats – This is a delightful option, allowing you to easily find your most comfortable position with the press of a button
  • Heat and massage – This accessory helps you relax and truly enjoy your favorite movie or program
  • Drop down or removable tray tables – You can have a bite to eat or even get a bit of work done with these convenient tray tables
  • Bass-shaker or “Butt-kicker” – This optional accessory allows you to experience a thrilling dimension in home theater entertainment. You will feel the low bass sounds of every car chase or explosion or simply enjoy the extra “thump” from your favorite music. The bass-shaker converts the bass sounds from your home theater’s subwoofer to the seating area of your theater sofa
  • Full, queen or king sleepers – Some of the home theater sofas available today have the option of a full, queen or king sleeper tucked neatly away inside

Easily Compliment Your Home Décor

With the diversity of coverings available for theater sofas, you won’t have any difficulty matching your décor. From the highest grade leather to easy-to-care-for microfiber, home theater sofa coverings are available in almost any style, color and texture. Because of this variety, it is easy to find the perfect choice for your family, home and budget.

Complete Comfort, Style and Abundant Options

When searching for the best furniture for your home cinema, consider a home theater sofa. With large seating areas, a wide range of accessories and options, and an almost unlimited array of covering choices, these sofas are a fantastic choice for almost any home theater seating arrangement you can think of.