Projector Installation: Table or Ceiling Mounted?

A home theatre projector can complete the perfect home-theatre experience. Once you have zeroed in on the right projector for your needs and budget, the next step is installing it. You can mount it on the ceiling or place it on top of a table.

Projecting from a table

Tabletop projection is a good option if you see yourself carrying your projector to different locations to host outdoor movies. Of course, the projector itself will have to be a light one weighing under 20 pounds to be able to transport it easily from one location to another. If you want to project from a table, it is better to buy the projector first before buying a screen. Once you have a clear idea about the performance of the projector, you can invest in a suitable screen.

Two important factors to consider are projector design and fan noise. As you will be placing it in the middle of the room and it will be visible to movie watchers, you may want to choose a less distracting size/design. As far as fan noise is concerned, about 30dB or less should deliver a serene viewing experience.

An island pedestal is a good solution to install your projector in the middle of your home theater room. It keeps the wire clutter out and makes it easy to reach the buttons. On the flip side, it is possible that the projector may be pushed a bit by people walking around the room, in which case you may have to realign it.

Ceiling mounted projector

A ceiling mounted projector is ideal if you want a clean, de-cluttered home theatre room. Installation is a one-time job in this case. Once the projector is mounted in a certain area of the room, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. If you will be mounting the projector yourself, keep the throw ratio in mind. This is the relation between the distance of the projector from the screen and image’s width. So, if you mount your projector a distance of 15 feet from the screen, the image will be bigger than if it is mounted 10 or 5 feet away. Each projector has its own throw ratio – you may want to consider this when you buy one.

When you mount your projector on the ceiling, ensure that you use proper and secure mounts to keep the projector from falling and damaging it or risking any harm to people in the vicinity.

Best practices of setting up and using your projector

A general rule is to maintain a minimum of two feet of free space around the projector to allow effective dissipation of heat. Poor ventilation can cause heat build-up and affect the internal parts of the projector. Avoid setting up your projector in a smoky room as it could damage its optics. Exposure to moisture can also affect the screen image, so watch out for this as well.

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