Top 5 Reasons Why Married Couples Need a Home Theater

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For couples, your house is your castle. You are the rulers of your palace, and you can adorn it with whatever kind of embellishments you want. Adding a home theater can instantly turn your home into an even more majestic kingdom.
The core of any home theater system is vivid visuals and spectacular sounds. Investing in a home theater allows you to get the ultimate entertainment experience – right in the comfort of your own home. However, there’s more to a home theatre than awesome audio and video to wow your sweetheart with. Here are the top 5 reasons why couples need a home theater:

1. Home Theater Date Night

While most people scamper to make last-minute reservations and spend tons of money on elaborate dates, why not play it smart and plan your next date night in your home theater. Stay in and spend quality time together without the hassles of traffic and crowds.

2. Save Money

On average, a person spends $10 for a movie ticket, $2 on gas to get to the theater and back, and $15 on a bag of popcorn and a medium-sized drink. That’s a little over $25 per person per visit. If you go to the movies once a week, that’s a total of more than $100 a month just for one person. Add $100 more for your significant other, and your movie dates can get really costly. Setting up a home theater can definitely be a smart, money-saving move in the long run.

3. Ambiance

Set the mood. Dim the lights. Choose a movie together. Building the perfect atmosphere in your home theater ups the romance and sets the scene that this isn’t just another movie night with the kids.

4. Home Theater House Party

Be the life of the party and invite your other couple friends to hang out in your home theater. Research suggests that healthy couple friendships make a marriage more exciting and fulfilling. Set the kids in the den with their own movie, and relax with your friends with a great movie.

5. Convenience

With your own home theater, you can forget about the inconveniences of going to the local movie theater: dealing with traffic, parking, and ill-mannered moviegoers, taking a bathroom break during the movie, shelling out money for overpriced concessions, etc.

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