Tips on Choosing Home Theater Seats

The most important part of a home theater might not actually be the entertainment system. While a certain amount of technology is obviously needed to play and display your favorite action movies, seating is just as (or even more) important. After all, if you’re not comfortable while watching a TV show or movie, you’re not going to have an enjoyable experience.

The best cinemas have opted for seating that gives movie-goers more room, more comfort, and more accessible cup holders. Although their clients are coming to the theater to watch a movie, they know that movie-goers are going to enjoy the film a lot more if they can watch it in total comfort. This is one of the main reasons why the right type of seating is a critical aspect of every home theater. Follow these key tips on finding the best seats for your home theater and that room can easily become the best room in the house.

Home Theater Space

Before you even begin to look at seats, you have to know the dimensions of your theater room. If you don’t know this information, get out a measuring tape and draw a layout of the room before buying anything for the theater. You need this information to know how many seats can comfortably fit into the room and still give you enough space for aisles, a media entertainment system, speakers, and maybe even a concession stand. For example, although your home theater might have enough space for three rows of five seats, you might not have room for a desired center aisle or elbow room for guests.


In addition to having enough space to comfortably watch the movie, game or other entertainment, think about individual comfort provided by the seat itself. Will it provide enough room for all of your guests? Does it recline, have a headrest, cup holders, or provide luxurious comfort (like a Palliser HiFi for example)?

Leather or Fabric

While choosing leather and fabric is a matter of personal opinion, leather is less likely to stain or fade. High quality leather is also very durable but it will up the cost of your seating. The right types of fabric can also be durable and might provide a better match for the home theater. Before making a choice, take a close look at the color and design of your home theater to see which types of seats, fabrics, and colors make the best fit.


Accessories refer to items that can be added to seats for a more rounded, satisfying home entertainment experience. If you want guests to feel like they are truly experiencing the on-screen action, you might want to look into purchasing  some bass shaker systems or tactile transducers. Lounger snack trays make it easier to enjoy food and drink while containing potential spills, and tablet holders are excellent for propping up a tablet and keeping it within easy reach.


The last tip to keep in mind when picking out potential seats is your budget.  Always keep in mind how much your spending on seats and how much money it will cost to purchase the remaining items you want for your home theater system.

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