How to Prepare Your Home Theater for Game Nights


You already have your killer home theater system equipped with awesome features like full HD and 3D Sound Plus, now you want to get your friends and family together for an exciting game night. Get loud, silly, and competitive – all in good fun.

Whatever kind of game night you have in mind – whether it’s watching a big sports game, playing thrilling video games, or playing on game tables, your game-night gathering should be more than just snacking on microwave popcorn and busting out the dusty Scrabble board.  Host a winning game night and score points with guests with these tips on how to customize your home theater:

Set up the space

It’s important to consider the size of your space when planning a game night. This will help in figuring out what types of games you will play, how many people you can accommodate, and other activities you will need to set up to keep your guests entertained. The main thing is creating a clutter-free space, so your guests can move around without feeling claustrophobic.  Since game nights create a laid-back environment, you can put large pillows on the floor for people to sit on and have several games going all at once. If you have a bigger space, you can set up more tables and chairs. Bonus points if you already have arcade machines, Foosball table, a dartboard, etc.  Cozy seating options like sofas and sectionals are a huge plus. Not of all your guests would want to join the games, so you should have relaxing and comfortable seats for them. The same thing goes for viewing your favorite sporting event in your home theater. Relaxing sofas and recliners are essential items so your guests can watch the big game and cheer on their favorite team in comfort.


Put up Decorations

Show some spirit with a licensed sports team neon sign.  Hang game room paintings or wall decals. Build a house of cards for your tables’ centerpiece. Make a party banner out of a deck of cards. Whatever décor idea you have in mind, game nights are all about fun! Get creative and turn to your favorite games and sports for inspiration. You can even add balloons for a more festive feel. Scrabble tiles, Monopoly money, chess pieces, dominos, poker chips, the designing possibilities are endless…


Prepare the Game Night Nibbles

Snacks and finger food are the ideal game night grubs. Whether it’s serving a bowl of chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, nachos, candies, or pizza, one of the perks of hosting a game night is that the food doesn’t have to be too elaborate.  Or you can use recipes that tie into your party theme like Dartboard Pizza or Cookie Checkerboard.  A small fridge in your home theater stocked with refreshments should come in handy as well.

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