Five Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Home Theater

children home theater

It might seem scary to let your children into your home theater. Electronics are pricey and easily damaged by spilled drinks. Sticky fingers jam up remote controls. Ultimately, the home theater is a place for adults to relax, indulge themselves and have fun. However, there are easy steps you can take to make your home theater a fun spot where the whole family spends time together.

Child–Friendly Furniture

Young families should choose durable fabrics that are easy to clean for the home theater. Pick pleather over leather, because you can wipe it clean in a flash. Heavy, thick woven fabrics last longer. If you already have furniture that you love, invest in some slip covers to protect your sofa or recliners until the kids get older.
Child-sized seating makes kids feel included, especially if they have their own home theater recliners just like mom and dad.

Chalk Wall or Table

Children love to write and draw on the walls, so let them. Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and kids like to feel like they are getting away with something. You’ll save paper, add display space for your little ones’ art and add potential for hours of entertainment.
If you don’t want to sacrifice a patch of wall, paint the top of a kid’s play table. Mix magnetic paint in with the chalkboard paint and get a set of letter or word magnets. It never hurts to add literacy to your child’s playtime.

Bonus: the dark color of the paint is great for theater rooms.

Coloring Wall Paper

Colorable wall paper is another way to expand kids’ art and play space. Essentially a coloring book for your walls, this paper has bold outlined images that kids can color with markers or crayons. Kids feel valued when they can contribute to home decoration.

Boom Chairs

These legless chairs let kids rock back in their seat without messing up your floors. They sit right on the floor, so you don’t have to worry about fidgety kids falling over when they lean back. If your little ones like video games, they will love boom chairs. These seats plug in to consoles, DVD or Blu-ray players. Speakers imbedded in the chair provide personal surround sound. So, kids don’t feel the need to turn the volume up high. Some models have bass shakers that vibrate the chair at certain points during a video game or movie.

Play Table

A small play table in the home theater gives kids something to do while mom and dad watch the big games. Pick a table with storage drawers, to eliminate clutter and save space. Stashing crayons and Legos under the table keeps them handy and organized. Now game time can be family time, even when children are too young to be sports fans.

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