What Type of Speakers Should I Use in My Home?

http://hometheatrerooms.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/surround-sound-system-120244618-300x180.jpgWhat Type of Speakers Should I Use in My Home?

A good surround sound system can make a fundamental difference to your home cinema experience. Whether you’re a big movie lover, a TV buff, a music aficionado, an avid gamer, or just an all-around media junkie, the crispest, clearest sounds can bring out the true majesty of owning a home theater system.

In the sea of sound system selections, choosing the right equipment can be intimidating. To get superb sound and an immersive audio experience for your home theater, you need to be knowledgeable of the different types of sound systems and their benefits. Read on to find the type of sound system that will suit your space and taste.

In-wall or In-ceiling

In-wall or in-ceiling speakers are a great option for home owners who do not have a lot of floor space. The speakers themselves are smaller than floor standing speakers, because they are not housed in a cabinet. Instead, in-wall speakers use a cavity in your wall for a cabinet. Sound quality from in-wall speakers can be excellent. They stay in one place, so they can be perfectly adjusted for that space.
Aesthetically, in-wall speakers offer complete concealment of wires and of the speakers themselves. All you see is the grill, which can be painted to match your walls. Unless you are a master of home DIY (walls, wires and audio systems), in-wall speakers will require professional installation.
In-ceiling speakers offer all the same advantages.

Wall Mounted Speakers

If you don’t own your home, it is probably not wise to knock holes in your walls for your sound system. You can still save floor space by mounting your speakers to your walls. Speakers can be mounted inconspicuously above eye level.
Theater-in-a-Box Systems

Surround sound in-a-box systems offer great convenience. These systems include an AV receiver and a set of perfectly matched speakers. Buyers do not have to worry about getting a receiver that can decode the correct number of sound channels or matching power or impedance. Because the components are built to work together, theater-in-a-box systems typically use less energy than other systems. Additionally, this setup is generally less expensive than picking up all your sound system components separately.

Sound Bars

Sound bars are a popular choice for home theater owners with limited space. These systems offer multi-channel sound housed in one little box. Multiple speakers inside one piece of equipment means that you will not be literally surrounded by sound, but the best sound bars use advanced audio technology to project sound around your home theater room. With a sound bar, you can approach the sensation of surround sound, without having to place speakers and run wires all around your room.

Free Standing Speakers

Concealed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers are becoming popular, but free standing tower speakers have been around much longer. For that reason, manufacturers offer a wider range of free standing speakers. For the most discerning listener, this type of sound system offers variety and top-of-the line audio performance. Except for sound bars, this setup is the most mobile. Tower speakers can look great as a retro element of your home theater décor.

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