Tips for Picking Flooring for a Home Theater

What type of flooring should you use in your home theater? The answer is actually pretty simple: carpet.

Carpet is the best choice for home theater for two reasons. One: it absorbs sound. Two: it absorbs light. Sound reflecting off hard flooring will disturb your surround sound setup. You certainly do not want light reflecting off wood or tile floors distracting you from your home theater screen.
When you choose your home theater carpeting there are a few things to consider.


Higher density, heavier carpet will absorb more sound. When purchasing carpet, you will probably see a measurement given in ounces. That is the carpet’s faceweight. Choose a higher faceweight when your budget allows you to.

Carpet density is measured in tufts per square yard. This tells you how close together the fibers of your carpet are. Choose a higher density when you can.


Your family and friends are going to spend a lot of time in your home theater. Dense carpets hold up better under frequent foot traffic. Consider purchasing a stain-resistant carpet, as popcorn and soda spills are particularly likely in this room.


Go for dark, light-absorbing colors in your home theater. Remember that your carpet is part of your overall décor. Art deco designs resemble the carpet you see in opulent, old theaters, which makes them a popular choice for home theater rooms. Themed carpets create a fun atmosphere in your entertainment space.


If you already have beautiful hardwood floors, please don’t cover them up completely. An area rug will absorb light and sound well enough.

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